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Shipping worldwide from the UK
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Trade & Corporate Cufflinks, Tankards, Lapel Badges, Tie Pins/Bars etc

Discount for bulk orders

Wholesale / Trade Customers
Cufflinks World supplies trade customers from around the globe who benefit from a discount to our regular website prices.

Corporate Customers
We have many corporate customers to whom we provide the same discounts according to the quantities shown below.

If you are interested in working with us as a trade or corporate customer please read on:

Our discounts for bulk orders work in three stages depending on the size of your order, these three discount stages are.

  • From 15 pairs to 35 pairs of Cufflinks & other accessories : 15%

  • From 36 pairs to 59 pairs of Cufflinks & other accessories : 20%

  • 60 + pairs of Cufflinks & other accessories : 30%

Discount rates shown only apply to “full price items” on our website (excludes 'sale' section and any special offer promotions, however you can of course still add these to your order and we will price accordingly).

Please note that usually trade / wholesale / corporate orders are shipped without our branded presentation cufflinks boxes, which can reduce shipping costs in many cases.

If you would like to purchase our Cufflinks World Limited branded individual presentation/storage boxes – please let us know.

Our bulk ordering service allows you to order any quantity of different items, so that you can “pick 'n' mix” from the vast selection of cufflinks, tankards, tie bars, tie pins & lapel badges from Cufflinks World Limited, or have a large number of the same item (subject to availability) – the choice is yours!

How to order:
Initially please email us at info@cufflinksworld.com with details of your requirements – either in an email, or by adding the items to a wish list & then sending that to us. We can quickly let you know if we have sufficient items in stock to cover your requirements. If we need to order items in for you, we will usually be able to advise on availability and delivery times within one or two working days, and often even custom items can reach us within 3 to 5 working days from when the order is paid for and placed.

Once we know your order requirements we will send you a draft invoice and coupon code whereby you can place your wholesale order for our Cufflinks and other accessories through our website in the normal way, and make payment with credit/debit card via SquareUp Europe Ltd in GBP (Sterling). Sorry, we are not able to offer credit terms - strictly payment with order.

Shipping charges will vary, depending on your order and destination to be shipped to. This is something we will notify you of and take into account when issuing you with your coupon code.

We aim to be both approachable and flexible, so if you have any specific questions or requirements, please ask – we will do our best to help you!

Please contact us if you would like any more information.

Cufflinks World Limited

 Choose from a great selction of green cufflinks from formal to novelty, funny, special and sparkling.     Choose from a great selction of yellow cufflinks from formal to novelty, funny, special and sparkling.


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Each category shows a sub-set of our range (e.g. "Novelty" contains about 25% of our cufflinks) please check other categories and/or use the site search to sample the
full range - or email info@cufflinksworld.com with some details of your intended recipient (hobbies/work/interests/location etc) if you'd like us to give some personalised recommendations.

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Our range of over 1000+ product designs means that whatever the theme of your wedding, school prom, everyday work, or special occasion, there should be something appropriate you can find on this website.

If you find that the quantity of cufflinks you require are not available to order, please email us the details of the quantity you need, order codes/descriptions and date you require them, and we will get back to you and confirm what delivery date is possible within 24 hours (usually sooner!)

Please note however that items in our "sale" category are often end-of-range so may not be available to re-order.