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Marriage Milestones

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A wonderful way to celebrate and remember the day you 'tied the knot' is to link it up with a special gift. 

As well as the 'well-known' silver, pearl, ruby and golden wedding anniversaries, there are many others that are commemorated with a particular item.

In the early years of marriage the more simple things are celebrated: cotton and paper, but as the years progress so do the gifts! 

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Paper clip / 2nd anniversary Leather Travel Storage Case: hold 2 pairs of cufllinks (not included) Don't be sheepish about a 7th (wool) anniversary Don't be superstitious about salt for an 8th anniversary 4th 'Fruity' anniversary

In the traditional listing there are things detailed for the first 10 years, then a jump to the 15 th anniversary where crystal is the glistening gift and another 5 years on china is the 20th anniversary choice.

Twenty Five years is a Silver Wedding Anniversary, Pearl 30th and Coral for the 35th

Celebrate a 25th silver anniversary of tying the knot in style Beautiful pearls for a 30th Lots to choose from for a Crystal 15th Wedding Anniversary Perfect pink / coral signfies 35 years of marriage


Ruby is the 40th Anniversary and then 10 year leaps to the Golden 50th and Diamond 60th with Sapphire shining bright for a rather wonderful 65 year celebration.

40th anniversaries are traditionally ruby red Gold and gold coloured anniversary gifts 65 is blue sapphire


For those that manage to celebrate 70 years together, it's Platinum, with Oak detailed for an 80th and a 90th wedding anniversary has Granite.

There are other lists too!  As with many things of this nature there are diverse views, and whether you choose to use these traditions or not, they can be an interesting focus for special celebrations.

Click for printable Wedding Anniversary Gift guide (PDF)

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