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Our Favourite Christmas Orders

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This Christmas brought with it a range of new and custom product requests, so we thought we'd share some of our favourite ones with you. We hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and New Year!

Some of the products we mention below may not be listed as in stock on our website, but you can always pre-order them by emailing us on  info@cufflinksworld.com.

Whenever we put an order in to our supplier, we like to get a few new products to try ourselves before stocking them fully. One of the new products we got in our latest order was a gorgeous leather travel storage case for cufflinks. As we always do, we popped it up on our website once it came into stock, and it was snapped up within minutes! The quality of this storage case is lovely, and we plan to get in back in stock soon! 


We pride ourselves on being approachable and friendly, so we love it when we get emails with a slightly different request. One of these requests was something for a football fan, who already has a range of cufflinks. We put forward a number of potential items, and the customer loved this stylish engraved pewter football tankard.


A repeat customer who previously bought two sets of Masonic cufflinks from us, contacted us asking what other Masonic design products were available. After a little search, we found a fantastic gift - a miniature working masonic tools set. The customer snapped it up straight away, and we have heard the recipient was very pleased with it too.


Another email request we received was for two different flags on each of the cufflinks in the pair. We have a few of these throughout the year - gifts for friends or family who live in a different country to them, to show the connection there is between them. This particular request before Christmas was for a UK and a Slovakian flag - and we were happy to oblige!


One customer was buying a number of different products, and asked to provide some ideas for a female musician that were slightly different. We presented a number of different lapel pin badge designs, a handbag hanger and a handbag mirror for the customer's consideration. She loved that there was something slightly different to the usual type of gifts available, and ordered the mirror and handbag hanger along with her other products for various friends.



Our biggest challenge this Christmas was the request from the daughter of a retired naval officer for sea mine cufflinks! I (Becki - sales manager) have a background in jewellery making, which is the reason we took over the business originally, and so gladly took the challenge on. The customer was very pleased with the finished product, and we are planning on adding more handmade products to our website in 2017, so if you have a custom request to challenge us with, just email us!


Here's to 2017 being a fantastic year for you, and we hope to hear from you in the future, when you are looking for something we might be able to provide. Many of our Christmas themed cufflinks are kept in stock throughout the year, or you can always contact us to pre-order anything listed that is currently out-of-stock.


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