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Father's Day : 18th June 2017

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Dad's..... Love them, or tolerate them, they've all got their quirks, dancing and jokes. With a massive range of cufflinks, keyrings, tie bars and pins, lapel badges and more, we've got something for pretty much every type of Dad – and if you can't see something for your Dad, get in touch and challenge us!

To start the post off, here's some of our generic Dad accessories. Number 1, and a genius – these are sure to give his ego a boost.

No One Dad - What more can you say!

Genius Crest Cufflinks Top Dad : Hat and Moustache Cufflinks

His Lordship Cufflinks


From BBQ big wig, to gourmet chef, to a good grilled cheese sandwich, every food loving dad needs something different to wear for his big dinner debut.

Salt and Pepper Pot Cufflinks

Chef's Hat and Spoon Tie Bar

Hot Red Chilli Pepper Cufflinks

Knife and Fork Cufflinks


Where to start with those active Dads? They come in all forms – from football to fishing, martial arts to bowling, and golf to darts. Every one of them with their own charm, and each as deserving as the next to be spoilt on Father's Day. Here's a few of our favourite designs, but check out our sports category for even more!

Martial Arts Cufflinks

Football Lapel Pin Badge

Bowling Pin Cufflinks

Baseball Glove and Bat Cufflinks

Triathlon Cufflinks

Golf Bag and Ball Chainlink Cufflinks

Fishing Reel Cufflinks

Dart Board and Darts Cufflinks


Some Dads are computer wizards. From setting up your email, to re-building your laptop, where would we be without him?

www. and .com Website Domain Name URL Cufflinks

Hashtag Social Media Cufflinks

Insert and Delete Computer Keyboard Key Cufflinks

@ Symbol Computer Cufflinks


What is it about Dads and green thumbs? They just seem to have a knack for it – from flowers to potatoes – and don't they always taste amazing! (the potatoes, not the flowers!)

Remember splashing in ALL the puddle with your Dad - these wonderful green 'wellies' cufflinks are a superb reminder!

Superb Chain-link cufflinks with a garden trowel on one end and a gardening fork on the other

Beautiful yellow 'honey' bee cufflinks - for all busy 'bee' dads!

Cute Bug Cufflinks


You've just moved into your own place and there's a leaky tap. Call Dad. The door starts squeaking. Call Dad. The boiler starts making funny noises. Call Dad. Always there. Always reliable. Good old Dad.

Blue 'working / moving part' spirit level cufflinks

Light Switch Cufflinks

Working Sand Timer Cufflinks

Hammer and Saw novelty cufflinks


There's something about a well built car that makes some Dads swoon. A well oiled engine, a slick chassis, and a great paint job. Perfecto.

Formula 1 Sports Car Cufflinks Who wouldn't always love to be driving their Aston Martin?


For the Dads who are or were in The Services, to those who are proud of their children for being in the service, and those who are just proud of our military in general, there's something for all of them. From dress uniform, to an evening of dancing (or not) with the family.

RAF logo Cufflinks

Military Tank Cufflinks

Spitfire Cufflinks with RAF logo

British Lion and Crown Cufflinks


“Back in my day” as the old Dad saying goes. “Things were easier” “Things were cheaper” “Apple and Blackberry were fruits” “We had 9 planets”. Whatever his saying, or his nostalgic go-to, find something to make him reminisce, and embark on a really long story about back in his day. (Indulge him – it's his day!)

Retro Rubix Game Cube Style Cufflinks

Nostalgic Car Tax Cufflinks

Retro Game Tetrimino Shape Cufflinks

Traditional Telephone Cufflinks


For your “Dapper” Dad we have a great selection of items. A moustache with flair, a nice crisp suit, and a glass of his favourite tipple, add some more class to his already class-act with a new pair of cufflinks or accessory to make him smile.

Glass of Whiskey or Whisky Cufflinks

Curly Tipped Moustache Cufflinks

Full Hunter Personalised Pocket Watch

3D Top Hat Cufflinks

New Arrival

When that new Dad gets a chance to go out and celebrate, you best know he's going to dress up! But make sure he doesn't go too wild, with a little reminder of the little one at home. (Nappies not included)

Baby Feet Cufflinks

Blue Baby Safety Pin Cufflinks

Pink Baby Safety Pin Cufflinks

Champagne Bottle Style Cufflinks

Down the Pub / Cheers!

We couldn't finish this post off without sharing some of our favourite products from the “traditionally Dad” category – the pub Dad. From “cracking a cold one with the boys”, to having a quiet night in with the missus (or mister), there's something for every connoisseur of alcohol.

Bottle Cap and Opener Cufflinks

Corkscrew Cufflinks and Tie Bar Gift Set

Cocktail Shaker and Glass Cufflinks

Whiskey or Gin Still Style Cufflinks

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