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Best of British

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As a British based company, we can appreciate the love many people have for England and the British culture. We're awesome! Why wouldn't you love everything about this country?

We're the land of "would you like a cup of tea" and "keep calm and carry on". We are pros and queuing, and could talk about the weather for...well England.

With Rio 2016 a success for us, and things like the Great British Bake Off back on our screens, we thought now was the perfect time to do a blog post about what makes this little country Great!

If you're a budding Anglophile, then this list is everything you need to start, or expand your collection!

Up first is of course, our magnificent flag. Spoilt for choice here at Cufflinks World, we have both the Union Jack, and St Georges' Cross available in our standard £11.99 sets, or you can opt for sterling silver plated at just £29.95 a set.

Union Jack Flag Cufflinks St Georges' Cross Cufflinks

With a Queen who has been on the throne for over 60 years, we're pretty certain we've got one of the best Monarchies in the world!

We couldn't have a blog post about the Best of British without mentioning the nation's favourite drink - a good ol' cuppa! Always there in a crisis, a proper brew can solve just about anything.

And of course, the iconic red British telephone box and bobby's (that's a policeman) helmet had to find it's way into this blog post too!

Of course, we're also very well known for the "quintessential" British image of a perfect gentleman (or gentlelady!). A bowler or top hat, umbrella, pipe, monocle and moustache - while some may seem outdated, it's all part of what makes Britain so loved by so many.

We've already mentioned Great British Bake Off (for which we do have lots of lovely cufflinks suitable for - just search for GBBO on our site!), but there's no other TV show that quite says British like Doctor Who.

As with most countries, we have a currency with which to buy those things we love from British businesses.

To round off our most magnificent British post, we'd just like to share these other British based businesses who we think are pretty marvellous.

Hoodlum Fang produce the most fabulous sportswear, all designed and made in Britain by Chloe. 
Shake Your Glass is run by the lovely Elisa and is a wonderful collection of gorgeous glass work jewellery.
Adnil Creations has a massive range of brilliant gift ideas, and run by the ever awesome Charlie.
Llamas4Jeff is a beautiful splurge of art displaying whatever is in creator Megan's mind at the time.
REVIVAL Retro embraces everything that is perfectly British with the vintage style and personal touch from Rowena.
Emma Nicol Illustration is an obsession with custom embroidery products with stunning stylish designs.
Frilly Lily has amazing dolls clothes for your little ones favourite toys designed by owner Bridget.

These are just a few of our favourite friends based here in Great Britain. We could be here for days telling you all the amazing businesses we know, but we're always doing our bit to share those businesses we love, so make sure you've found us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as we'll sometimes share businesses there too!

That's all for now!


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