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The styles of: The 1920's

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The Great Gatsby Promotional Image - set in the 1920's

The Roaring 20's were luxurious, glamorous and indulgent. Cocktail parties and jazz music defined the times and traditional morals were rejected for a freer and more daring lifestyle.  

Today the 1920's is an era that many people love to indulge in. With films such as The Great Gatsby, and TV series like Downton Abbey and Boardwalk Empire airing, our exposure to the imagery of this era has been increasing over the last few years.

Many a party is themed to the 1920's, and just as many people take inspiration from the 20's for their every day outfits. There is also a booming music scene of reproducing the 1920's music – either performing the songs created at the time, or re-imagining modern music into the style popular then.

The Chrysler Building Spire in Manhattan - Art Deco

Art Deco

This is a term used to describe a specific style that was most favoured in the 1920's. Geometric shapes and grand ornamentation is the form that the “art deco” style takes. A very distinct style, recognisable across almost every platform – from clothes to buildings; the 20's was a time of exploration and bold statements. 

Vivid colours were generally used, set with either gold, silver, black or white to complement. Sharp lines, mixed with smooth rounded shapes characterised this era.

Still from Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Episode 7

1920's Fashion

The 20's was a time when fashion became more flexible. Men started wearing short suit jackets for causal everyday wear, and women were able to explore shorter skirts, and trousers. 

Accessories were very important to everyone – the hair accessories, beads and bags for the women, and hats, ties and suspenders for the men, alongside cufflinks (of course!)

Our 1920's Inspired Products

1920's style cufflinks in gold and rhodium

These Duncan Walton's designer cufflinks in gold and rhodium are an exemplary example of the 1920's style. 

These cufflinks are beautifully made, and the shapes and colours are very reminiscent of the 1920's – and especially remind us of the film The Great Gatsby.

Gold coloured oval cufflinksGold coloured square cufflinks

A block of colour for your cufflinks can work well for the 1920's style, when complemented with the right outfit. 

Our gold plated square or oval cufflinks provide just that splash of colour that is needed to add that extra bit of luxury to your outfit.

If there is enough colour on your outfit already, you may like to opt for a set of black and white cufflinks. We have a massive range of art deco inspired styles for you to choose from.

From circular designs to rectangular, the range of styles that were popular in the 1920's gives you a fantastic amount of flexibility when creating your outfit.

Mother of Pearl Cufflinks with Black Onyx

Black and White Enamel Formal Cufflinks

Rectangle Mother of Pearl and Black Onyx Cufflinks

Chrome and Black Enamel Cufflinks


If this blog post has given you a hankering to explore the modern-day 1920's scene, here's some themed locations you can attend events at, as well as some other links that are linked to this exciting era!




Maybe you fancy running your own 1920's themed event? Have a chat with the team over at Horseboxtails to find out about them providing a  1920's themed "liquor lounge" bar!

If you have any interesting facts about the 1920's, or represent the 1920's in your every day life, we'd love to hear from you! Pop a comment to info@cufflinksworld.com. Photos of 1920's themed parties and your outfits are most welcomed too!


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